Bridge Replacement in New York

We had to tear off the old bridge deck, pour concrete piers, add steel with cross pieces welded and painted. Then a deck added. All of this was done without entering into the creek bed. This photo shows the old foundation which was raised. (see the photo to the right.

The second photo to the right shows the painted steel in place. It also shows the new concrete pier as well as the old one. The steel under the deck needed to be replaced and the concrete piers were made larger to combat the eroding banks. The steel was welded to a plate at each end and crossbars to keep them from shifting. The steel was placed strategically where the most weight from vehicles would be when crossing the bridge.

In the third photo you can see the bridge prior to staining. . Railings were added at the request of the owner along with solar lights and a chain.

The fourth photo shows the completed project. The bridge is rated for 40 tons and is built per NRCS specifications.